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23.3.1 JBoss

One of the great things about JBoss is its dynamic or “hot” deployment. The only work involved in deploying your application, if you have the EAR file built properly, is to copy the EAR file to the deployment directory. JBoss does all the rest.

Here is a listing of a very simple shell script that does what is needed, fol- lowed by an invocation of that shell script to install our BudgetPro example EAR file.

$ cat ejbinstall

cp $* /usr/local/jboss-3.2.3/server/default/deploy

$ ejbinstall budgetpro.ear


Of course, this assumes that execute permission has been given to the script and it is located in the search path. Furthermore, it assumes that JBoss (version 3.2.3) was installed in /usr/local.