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10.2.1 A Brief History of NetBeans1

NetBeans (originally called Xelfi) began in 1996 as a student project in the Czech Republic, with the goal being to write a Delphi-like Java IDE in Java. A company called NetBeans was formed around this project. By May of 1999, after two commercial releases of Developer, the company released a beta of what


1. From the netbeans.org Web site.

was to be Developer 3.0. In October 1999 NetBeans was acquired by Sun Mi- crosystems. After some additional development, Sun released the Forte for Java Community Edition IDE—the same IDE that had been in beta as NetBeans Developer 3.0. There had always been interest in going Open Source at Net- Beans. In June 2000, Sun open-sourced the NetBeans IDE; now it can be found at the netbeans.org Web site.