Interface AdvisorAdapterRegistry

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    public interface AdvisorAdapterRegistry
    Interface for registries of Advisor adapters.

    This is an SPI interface, not to be implemented by any Spring user.

    Rod Johnson, Rob Harrop
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      • getInterceptors

        MethodInterceptor[] getInterceptors(Advisor advisor)
                                     throws UnknownAdviceTypeException
        Return an array of AOP Alliance MethodInterceptors to allow use of the given Advisor in an interception-based framework.

        Don't worry about the pointcut associated with the Advisor, if it is a PointcutAdvisor: just return an interceptor.

        advisor - the Advisor to find an interceptor for
        an array of MethodInterceptors to expose this Advisor's behavior
        UnknownAdviceTypeException - if the Advisor type is not understood by any registered AdvisorAdapter
      • registerAdvisorAdapter

        void registerAdvisorAdapter(AdvisorAdapter adapter)
        Register the given AdvisorAdapter. Note that it is not necessary to register adapters for an AOP Alliance Interceptors or Spring Advices: these must be automatically recognized by an AdvisorAdapterRegistry implementation.
        adapter - an AdvisorAdapter that understands particular Advisor or Advice types