Class DefaultPointcutAdvisor

    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultPointcutAdvisor

        public DefaultPointcutAdvisor()
        Create an empty DefaultPointcutAdvisor.

        Advice must be set before use using setter methods. Pointcut will normally be set also, but defaults to Pointcut.TRUE.

      • DefaultPointcutAdvisor

        public DefaultPointcutAdvisor(Advice advice)
        Create a DefaultPointcutAdvisor that matches all methods.

        Pointcut.TRUE will be used as Pointcut.

        advice - the Advice to use
      • DefaultPointcutAdvisor

        public DefaultPointcutAdvisor(Pointcut pointcut,
                                      Advice advice)
        Create a DefaultPointcutAdvisor, specifying Pointcut and Advice.
        pointcut - the Pointcut targeting the Advice
        advice - the Advice to run when Pointcut matches