Class ServiceListFactoryBean

    • Constructor Detail

      • ServiceListFactoryBean

        public ServiceListFactoryBean()
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      • getObjectToExpose

        protected java.lang.Object getObjectToExpose(java.util.ServiceLoader<?> serviceLoader)
        Description copied from class: AbstractServiceLoaderBasedFactoryBean
        Determine the actual object to expose for the given ServiceLoader.

        Left to concrete subclasses.

        Specified by:
        getObjectToExpose in class AbstractServiceLoaderBasedFactoryBean
        serviceLoader - the ServiceLoader for the configured service class
        the object to expose
      • getObjectType

        public java.lang.Class<?> getObjectType()
        Description copied from class: AbstractFactoryBean
        This abstract method declaration mirrors the method in the FactoryBean interface, for a consistent offering of abstract template methods.
        Specified by:
        getObjectType in interface FactoryBean<java.lang.Object>
        Specified by:
        getObjectType in class AbstractFactoryBean<java.lang.Object>
        the type of object that this FactoryBean creates, or null if not known at the time of the call
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