Class ArgumentConvertingMethodInvoker

    • Constructor Detail

      • ArgumentConvertingMethodInvoker

        public ArgumentConvertingMethodInvoker()
    • Method Detail

      • getTypeConverter

        public TypeConverter getTypeConverter()
        Return the TypeConverter used for argument type conversion.

        Can be cast to PropertyEditorRegistry if direct access to the underlying PropertyEditors is desired (provided that the present TypeConverter actually implements the PropertyEditorRegistry interface).

      • getDefaultTypeConverter

        protected TypeConverter getDefaultTypeConverter()
        Obtain the default TypeConverter for this method invoker.

        Called if no explicit TypeConverter has been specified. The default implementation builds a SimpleTypeConverter. Can be overridden in subclasses.

      • doFindMatchingMethod

        protected java.lang.reflect.Method doFindMatchingMethod(java.lang.Object[] arguments)
        Actually find a method with matching parameter type, i.e. where each argument value is assignable to the corresponding parameter type.
        arguments - the argument values to match against method parameters
        a matching method, or null if none