Class NamedCacheResolver

    • Constructor Detail

      • NamedCacheResolver

        public NamedCacheResolver()
      • NamedCacheResolver

        public NamedCacheResolver(CacheManager cacheManager,
                                  java.lang.String... cacheNames)
    • Method Detail

      • setCacheNames

        public void setCacheNames(java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> cacheNames)
        Set the cache name(s) that this resolver should use.
      • getCacheNames

        protected java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> getCacheNames(CacheOperationInvocationContext<?> context)
        Description copied from class: AbstractCacheResolver
        Provide the name of the cache(s) to resolve against the current cache manager.

        It is acceptable to return null to indicate that no cache could be resolved for this invocation.

        Specified by:
        getCacheNames in class AbstractCacheResolver
        context - the context of the particular invocation
        the cache name(s) to resolve, or null if no cache should be resolved