Interface Encoder<T>

    • Method Detail

      • canEncode

        boolean canEncode(ResolvableType elementType,
                          MimeType mimeType)
        Whether the encoder supports the given source element type and the MIME type for the output stream.
        elementType - the type of elements in the source stream
        mimeType - the MIME type for the output stream (can be null if not specified)
        true if supported, false otherwise
      • encode

        reactor.core.publisher.Flux<DataBuffer> encode(org.reactivestreams.Publisher<? extends T> inputStream,
                                                       DataBufferFactory bufferFactory,
                                                       ResolvableType elementType,
                                                       MimeType mimeType,
                                                       java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.Object> hints)
        Encode a stream of Objects of type T into a DataBuffer output stream.
        inputStream - the input stream of Objects to encode. If the input should be encoded as a single value rather than as a stream of elements, an instance of Mono should be used.
        bufferFactory - for creating output stream DataBuffer's
        elementType - the expected type of elements in the input stream; this type must have been previously passed to the canEncode(org.springframework.core.ResolvableType, org.springframework.util.MimeType) method and it must have returned true.
        mimeType - the MIME type for the output stream (optional)
        hints - additional information about how to do encode
        the output stream
      • getEncodableMimeTypes

        java.util.List<MimeType> getEncodableMimeTypes()
        Return the list of mime types this encoder supports.