Interface ResourcePatternResolver

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        static final java.lang.String CLASSPATH_ALL_URL_PREFIX
        Pseudo URL prefix for all matching resources from the class path: "classpath*:" This differs from ResourceLoader's classpath URL prefix in that it retrieves all matching resources for a given name (e.g. "/beans.xml"), for example in the root of all deployed JAR files.
        See Also:
        ResourceLoader.CLASSPATH_URL_PREFIX, Constant Field Values
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      • getResources

        Resource[] getResources(java.lang.String locationPattern)
        Resolve the given location pattern into Resource objects.

        Overlapping resource entries that point to the same physical resource should be avoided, as far as possible. The result should have set semantics.

        locationPattern - the location pattern to resolve
        the corresponding Resource objects
        Throws: - in case of I/O errors