Class AssignableTypeFilter

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    public class AssignableTypeFilter
    extends AbstractTypeHierarchyTraversingFilter
    A simple filter which matches classes that are assignable to a given type.
    Rod Johnson, Mark Fisher, Ramnivas Laddad
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      AssignableTypeFilter(java.lang.Class<?> targetType)
      Create a new AssignableTypeFilter for the given type.
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      java.lang.Class<?> getTargetType()
      Return the type that this instance is using to filter candidates.
      protected boolean matchClassName(java.lang.String className)
      Override this to match on type name.
      protected java.lang.Boolean matchInterface(java.lang.String interfaceName)
      Override this to match on interface type name.
      protected java.lang.Boolean matchSuperClass(java.lang.String superClassName)
      Override this to match on super type name.
      protected java.lang.Boolean matchTargetType(java.lang.String typeName) 
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