Class RecoverableDataAccessException

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    public class RecoverableDataAccessException
    extends DataAccessException
    Data access exception thrown when a previously failed operation might be able to succeed if the application performs some recovery steps and retries the entire transaction or in the case of a distributed transaction, the transaction branch. At a minimum, the recovery operation must include closing the current connection and getting a new connection.
    Thomas Risberg
    See Also:
    SQLRecoverableException, Serialized Form
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    • Constructor Detail

      • RecoverableDataAccessException

        public RecoverableDataAccessException(java.lang.String msg)
        Constructor for RecoverableDataAccessException.
        msg - the detail message
      • RecoverableDataAccessException

        public RecoverableDataAccessException(java.lang.String msg,
                                              java.lang.Throwable cause)
        Constructor for RecoverableDataAccessException.
        msg - the detail message
        cause - the root cause (usually from using a underlying data access API such as JDBC)