Class Jaxb2RootElementHttpMessageConverter

    • Constructor Detail

      • Jaxb2RootElementHttpMessageConverter

        public Jaxb2RootElementHttpMessageConverter()
    • Method Detail

      • setSupportDtd

        public void setSupportDtd(boolean supportDtd)
        Indicates whether DTD parsing should be supported.

        Default is false meaning that DTD is disabled.

      • isSupportDtd

        public boolean isSupportDtd()
        Whether DTD parsing is supported.
      • setProcessExternalEntities

        public void setProcessExternalEntities(boolean processExternalEntities)
        Indicates whether external XML entities are processed when converting to a Source.

        Default is false, meaning that external entities are not resolved.

        Note: setting this option to true also automatically sets setSupportDtd(boolean) to true.

      • isProcessExternalEntities

        public boolean isProcessExternalEntities()
        Returns the configured value for whether XML external entities are allowed.
      • supports

        protected boolean supports(java.lang.Class<?> clazz)
        Description copied from class: AbstractHttpMessageConverter
        Indicates whether the given class is supported by this converter.
        Specified by:
        supports in class AbstractHttpMessageConverter<java.lang.Object>
        clazz - the class to test for support
        true if supported; false otherwise
      • processSource

        protected javax.xml.transform.Source processSource(javax.xml.transform.Source source)