Interface RequestPath

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    public interface RequestPath
    extends PathContainer
    Represents the complete path for a request.
    Rossen Stoyanchev
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      • contextPath

        PathContainer contextPath()
        Returns the portion of the URL path that represents the application. The context path is always at the beginning of the path and starts but does not end with "/". It is shared for URLs of the same application.

        The context path may come from the underlying runtime API such as when deploying as a WAR to a Servlet container or it may be assigned in a WebFlux application through the use of ContextPathCompositeHandler.

      • pathWithinApplication

        PathContainer pathWithinApplication()
        The portion of the request path after the context path.
      • modifyContextPath

        RequestPath modifyContextPath(java.lang.String contextPath)
        Return a new RequestPath instance with a modified context path. The new context path must match 0 or more path segments at the start.
        contextPath - the new context path
        a new RequestPath instance
      • parse

        static RequestPath parse( uri,
                                 java.lang.String contextPath)
        Create a new RequestPath with the given parameters.