Class ChannelSendOperator<T>

  • java.lang.Object
    • reactor.core.publisher.Mono<java.lang.Void>
      • org.springframework.http.server.reactive.ChannelSendOperator<T>
  • Type Parameters:
    T - the type of element signaled
    All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.reactivestreams.Publisher<java.lang.Void>, reactor.core.Scannable

    public class ChannelSendOperator<T>
    extends reactor.core.publisher.Mono<java.lang.Void>
    implements reactor.core.Scannable
    Given a write function that accepts a source Publisher<T> to write with and returns Publisher<Void> for the result, this operator helps to defer the invocation of the write function, until we know if the source publisher will begin publishing without an error. If the first emission is an error, the write function is bypassed, and the error is sent directly through the result publisher. Otherwise the write function is invoked.
    Rossen Stoyanchev, Stephane Maldini
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      Constructor and Description
      ChannelSendOperator(org.reactivestreams.Publisher<? extends T> source, java.util.function.Function<org.reactivestreams.Publisher<T>,org.reactivestreams.Publisher<java.lang.Void>> writeFunction) 
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      java.lang.Object scanUnsafe(reactor.core.Scannable.Attr key) 
      void subscribe(reactor.core.CoreSubscriber<? super java.lang.Void> actual) 
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ChannelSendOperator

        public ChannelSendOperator(org.reactivestreams.Publisher<? extends T> source,
                                   java.util.function.Function<org.reactivestreams.Publisher<T>,org.reactivestreams.Publisher<java.lang.Void>> writeFunction)
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      • scanUnsafe

        public java.lang.Object scanUnsafe(reactor.core.Scannable.Attr key)
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        scanUnsafe in interface reactor.core.Scannable
      • subscribe

        public void subscribe(reactor.core.CoreSubscriber<? super java.lang.Void> actual)
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        subscribe in class reactor.core.publisher.Mono<java.lang.Void>