Class AbstractLobCreatingPreparedStatementCallback

  • java.lang.Object
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    public abstract class AbstractLobCreatingPreparedStatementCallback
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements PreparedStatementCallback<java.lang.Integer>
    Abstract PreparedStatementCallback implementation that manages a LobCreator. Typically used as inner class, with access to surrounding method arguments.

    Delegates to the setValues template method for setting values on the PreparedStatement, using a given LobCreator for BLOB/CLOB arguments.

    A usage example with JdbcTemplate:

    JdbcTemplate jdbcTemplate = new JdbcTemplate(dataSource);  // reusable object
     LobHandler lobHandler = new DefaultLobHandler();  // reusable object
         "INSERT INTO imagedb (image_name, content, description) VALUES (?, ?, ?)",
         new AbstractLobCreatingPreparedStatementCallback(lobHandler) {
           protected void setValues(PreparedStatement ps, LobCreator lobCreator) throws SQLException {
             ps.setString(1, name);
             lobCreator.setBlobAsBinaryStream(ps, 2, contentStream, contentLength);
             lobCreator.setClobAsString(ps, 3, description);
    Juergen Hoeller
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      Modifier and Type Method and Description
      java.lang.Integer doInPreparedStatement(java.sql.PreparedStatement ps)
      Gets called by JdbcTemplate.execute with an active JDBC PreparedStatement.
      protected abstract void setValues(java.sql.PreparedStatement ps, LobCreator lobCreator)
      Set values on the given PreparedStatement, using the given LobCreator for BLOB/CLOB arguments.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractLobCreatingPreparedStatementCallback

        public AbstractLobCreatingPreparedStatementCallback(LobHandler lobHandler)
        Create a new AbstractLobCreatingPreparedStatementCallback for the given LobHandler.
        lobHandler - the LobHandler to create LobCreators with
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      • doInPreparedStatement

        public final java.lang.Integer doInPreparedStatement(java.sql.PreparedStatement ps)
                                                      throws java.sql.SQLException,
        Description copied from interface: PreparedStatementCallback
        Gets called by JdbcTemplate.execute with an active JDBC PreparedStatement. Does not need to care about closing the Statement or the Connection, or about handling transactions: this will all be handled by Spring's JdbcTemplate.

        NOTE: Any ResultSets opened should be closed in finally blocks within the callback implementation. Spring will close the Statement object after the callback returned, but this does not necessarily imply that the ResultSet resources will be closed: the Statement objects might get pooled by the connection pool, with close calls only returning the object to the pool but not physically closing the resources.

        If called without a thread-bound JDBC transaction (initiated by DataSourceTransactionManager), the code will simply get executed on the JDBC connection with its transactional semantics. If JdbcTemplate is configured to use a JTA-aware DataSource, the JDBC connection and thus the callback code will be transactional if a JTA transaction is active.

        Allows for returning a result object created within the callback, i.e. a domain object or a collection of domain objects. Note that there's special support for single step actions: see JdbcTemplate.queryForObject etc. A thrown RuntimeException is treated as application exception, it gets propagated to the caller of the template.

        Specified by:
        doInPreparedStatement in interface PreparedStatementCallback<java.lang.Integer>
        ps - active JDBC PreparedStatement
        a result object, or null if none
        java.sql.SQLException - if thrown by a JDBC method, to be auto-converted to a DataAccessException by a SQLExceptionTranslator
        DataAccessException - in case of custom exceptions
        See Also:
        JdbcTemplate.queryForObject(String, Object[], Class), JdbcTemplate.queryForList(String, Object[])
      • setValues

        protected abstract void setValues(java.sql.PreparedStatement ps,
                                          LobCreator lobCreator)
                                   throws java.sql.SQLException,
        Set values on the given PreparedStatement, using the given LobCreator for BLOB/CLOB arguments.
        ps - the PreparedStatement to use
        lobCreator - the LobCreator to use
        java.sql.SQLException - if thrown by JDBC methods
        DataAccessException - in case of custom exceptions