Class AbstractConfigurableMBeanInfoAssembler

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractConfigurableMBeanInfoAssembler

        public AbstractConfigurableMBeanInfoAssembler()
    • Method Detail

      • setNotificationInfos

        public void setNotificationInfos(ManagedNotification[] notificationInfos)
      • setNotificationInfoMappings

        public void setNotificationInfoMappings(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.Object> notificationInfoMappings)
      • getNotificationInfo

        protected[] getNotificationInfo(java.lang.Object managedBean,
                                                                                               java.lang.String beanKey)
        Description copied from class: AbstractMBeanInfoAssembler
        Get the notification metadata for the MBean resource. Subclasses should implement this method to return the appropriate metadata for all notifications that should be exposed in the management interface for the managed resource.

        Default implementation returns an empty array of ModelMBeanNotificationInfo.

        getNotificationInfo in class AbstractMBeanInfoAssembler
        managedBean - the bean instance (might be an AOP proxy)
        beanKey - the key associated with the MBean in the beans map of the MBeanExporter
        the notification metadata