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    public interface NotificationPublisher
    Simple interface allowing Spring-managed MBeans to publish JMX notifications without being aware of how those notifications are being transmitted to the MBeanServer.

    Managed resources can access a NotificationPublisher by implementing the NotificationPublisherAware interface. After a particular managed resource instance is registered with the MBeanServer, Spring will inject a NotificationPublisher instance into it if that resource implements the NotificationPublisherAware inteface.

    Each managed resource instance will have a distinct instance of a NotificationPublisher implementation. This instance will keep track of all the NotificationListeners registered for a particular mananaged resource.

    Any existing, user-defined MBeans should use standard JMX APIs for notification publication; this interface is intended for use only by Spring-created MBeans.

    Rob Harrop
    See Also:
    NotificationPublisherAware, MBeanExporter
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      void sendNotification( notification)
      Send the specified Notification to all registered NotificationListeners.
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        void sendNotification( notification)
                       throws UnableToSendNotificationException
        Send the specified Notification to all registered NotificationListeners. Managed resources are not responsible for managing the list of registered NotificationListeners; that is performed automatically.
        notification - the JMX Notification to send
        UnableToSendNotificationException - if sending failed