Class DestinationPatternsMessageCondition

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        public static final java.lang.String LOOKUP_DESTINATION_HEADER
        The name of the "lookup destination" header.
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      • DestinationPatternsMessageCondition

        public DestinationPatternsMessageCondition(java.lang.String... patterns)
        Creates a new instance with the given destination patterns. Each pattern that is not empty and does not start with "/" is prepended with "/".
        patterns - 0 or more URL patterns; if 0 the condition will match to every request.
      • DestinationPatternsMessageCondition

        public DestinationPatternsMessageCondition(java.lang.String[] patterns,
                                                   PathMatcher pathMatcher)
        Alternative constructor accepting a custom PathMatcher.
        patterns - the URL patterns to use; if 0, the condition will match to every request.
        pathMatcher - the PathMatcher to use