Interface HandlerMethodReturnValueHandler

    • Method Detail

      • supportsReturnType

        boolean supportsReturnType(MethodParameter returnType)
        Whether the given method return type is supported by this handler.
        returnType - the method return type to check
        true if this handler supports the supplied return type; false otherwise
      • handleReturnValue

        void handleReturnValue(@Nullable
                               java.lang.Object returnValue,
                               MethodParameter returnType,
                               Message<?> message)
                        throws java.lang.Exception
        Handle the given return value.
        returnValue - the value returned from the handler method
        returnType - the type of the return value. This type must have previously been passed to supportsReturnType(org.springframework.core.MethodParameter) and it must have returned true.
        message - the message that caused this method to be called
        java.lang.Exception - if the return value handling results in an error