Class HibernateDaoSupport

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    public abstract class HibernateDaoSupport
    extends DaoSupport
    Convenient super class for Hibernate-based data access objects.

    Requires a SessionFactory to be set, providing a HibernateTemplate based on it to subclasses through the getHibernateTemplate() method. Can alternatively be initialized directly with a HibernateTemplate, in order to reuse the latter's settings such as the SessionFactory, exception translator, flush mode, etc.

    This class will create its own HibernateTemplate instance if a SessionFactory is passed in. The "allowCreate" flag on that HibernateTemplate will be "true" by default. A custom HibernateTemplate instance can be used through overriding createHibernateTemplate(org.hibernate.SessionFactory).

    NOTE: Hibernate access code can also be coded in plain Hibernate style. Hence, for newly started projects, consider adopting the standard Hibernate style of coding data access objects instead, based on SessionFactory.getCurrentSession(). This HibernateTemplate primarily exists as a migration helper for Hibernate 3 based data access code, to benefit from bug fixes in Hibernate 5.x.

    Juergen Hoeller
    See Also:
    setSessionFactory(org.hibernate.SessionFactory), getHibernateTemplate(), HibernateTemplate
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      • HibernateDaoSupport

        public HibernateDaoSupport()
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      • createHibernateTemplate

        protected HibernateTemplate createHibernateTemplate(SessionFactory sessionFactory)
        Create a HibernateTemplate for the given SessionFactory. Only invoked if populating the DAO with a SessionFactory reference!

        Can be overridden in subclasses to provide a HibernateTemplate instance with different configuration, or a custom HibernateTemplate subclass.

        sessionFactory - the Hibernate SessionFactory to create a HibernateTemplate for
        the new HibernateTemplate instance
        See Also:
      • getSessionFactory

        public final SessionFactory getSessionFactory()
        Return the Hibernate SessionFactory used by this DAO.
      • getHibernateTemplate

        public final HibernateTemplate getHibernateTemplate()
        Return the HibernateTemplate for this DAO, pre-initialized with the SessionFactory or set explicitly.

        Note: The returned HibernateTemplate is a shared instance. You may introspect its configuration, but not modify the configuration (other than from within an DaoSupport.initDao() implementation). Consider creating a custom HibernateTemplate instance via new HibernateTemplate(getSessionFactory()), in which case you're allowed to customize the settings on the resulting instance.

      • checkDaoConfig

        protected final void checkDaoConfig()
        Description copied from class: DaoSupport
        Abstract subclasses must override this to check their configuration.

        Implementors should be marked as final if concrete subclasses are not supposed to override this template method themselves.

        Specified by:
        checkDaoConfig in class DaoSupport