Class EclipseLinkJpaDialect

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, PersistenceExceptionTranslator, JpaDialect

    public class EclipseLinkJpaDialect
    extends DefaultJpaDialect
    JpaDialect implementation for Eclipse Persistence Services (EclipseLink). Developed and tested against EclipseLink 2.7; backwards-compatible with EclipseLink 2.5 and 2.6 at runtime.

    By default, this class acquires an early EclipseLink transaction with an early JDBC Connection for non-read-only transactions. This allows for mixing JDBC and JPA/EclipseLink operations in the same transaction, with cross visibility of their impact. If this is not needed, set the "lazyDatabaseTransaction" flag to true or consistently declare all affected transactions as read-only. As of Spring 4.1.2, this will reliably avoid early JDBC Connection retrieval and therefore keep EclipseLink in shared cache mode.

    Juergen Hoeller
    See Also:
    setLazyDatabaseTransaction(boolean), LazyConnectionDataSourceProxy, Serialized Form