Class AbstractJaxWsServiceExporter

  • java.lang.Object
    • org.springframework.remoting.jaxws.AbstractJaxWsServiceExporter
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractJaxWsServiceExporter

        public AbstractJaxWsServiceExporter()
    • Method Detail

      • setBindingType

        public void setBindingType(java.lang.String bindingType)
        Specify the binding type to use, overriding the value of the JAX-WS BindingType annotation.
      • setEndpointFeatures

        public void setEndpointFeatures(WebServiceFeature... endpointFeatures)
        Specify WebServiceFeature objects (e.g. as inner bean definitions) to apply to JAX-WS endpoint creation.
      • setBeanFactory

        public void setBeanFactory(BeanFactory beanFactory)
        Obtains all web service beans and publishes them as JAX-WS endpoints.
        Specified by:
        setBeanFactory in interface BeanFactoryAware
        beanFactory - owning BeanFactory (never null). The bean can immediately call methods on the factory.
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      • afterPropertiesSet

        public void afterPropertiesSet()
                                throws java.lang.Exception
        Immediately publish all endpoints when fully configured.
        Specified by:
        afterPropertiesSet in interface InitializingBean
        java.lang.Exception - in the event of misconfiguration (such as failure to set an essential property) or if initialization fails for any other reason
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      • publishEndpoint

        protected abstract void publishEndpoint(Endpoint endpoint,
                                                WebService annotation)
        Actually publish the given endpoint. To be implemented by subclasses.
        endpoint - the JAX-WS Endpoint object
        annotation - the service bean's WebService annotation
      • publishEndpoint

        protected abstract void publishEndpoint(Endpoint endpoint,
                                                WebServiceProvider annotation)
        Actually publish the given provider endpoint. To be implemented by subclasses.
        endpoint - the JAX-WS Provider Endpoint object
        annotation - the service bean's WebServiceProvider annotation
      • destroy

        public void destroy()
        Stops all published endpoints, taking the web services offline.
        Specified by:
        destroy in interface DisposableBean