Annotation Type Commit

  • @Target(value={TYPE,METHOD})
    public @interface Commit
    @Commit is a test annotation that is used to indicate that a test-managed transaction should be committed after the test method has completed.

    Consult the class-level Javadoc for TransactionalTestExecutionListener for an explanation of test-managed transactions.

    When declared as a class-level annotation, @Commit defines the default commit semantics for all test methods within the test class hierarchy. When declared as a method-level annotation, @Commit defines commit semantics for the specific test method, potentially overriding class-level default commit or rollback semantics.

    Warning: @Commit can be used as direct replacement for @Rollback(false); however, it should not be declared alongside @Rollback. Declaring @Commit and @Rollback on the same test method or on the same test class is unsupported and may lead to unpredictable results.

    Sam Brannen
    See Also:
    Rollback, TransactionalTestExecutionListener