Class AnnotationConfigContextLoaderUtils

  • java.lang.Object

  • public abstract class AnnotationConfigContextLoaderUtils
    extends java.lang.Object
    Utility methods for SmartContextLoaders that deal with annotated classes (e.g., @Configuration classes).
    Sam Brannen
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      static java.lang.Class<?>[] detectDefaultConfigurationClasses(java.lang.Class<?> declaringClass)
      Detect the default configuration classes for the supplied test class.
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      • AnnotationConfigContextLoaderUtils

        public AnnotationConfigContextLoaderUtils()
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      • detectDefaultConfigurationClasses

        public static java.lang.Class<?>[] detectDefaultConfigurationClasses(java.lang.Class<?> declaringClass)
        Detect the default configuration classes for the supplied test class.

        The returned class array will contain all static nested classes of the supplied class that meet the requirements for @Configuration class implementations as specified in the documentation for @Configuration.

        The implementation of this method adheres to the contract defined in the SmartContextLoader SPI. Specifically, this method uses introspection to detect default configuration classes that comply with the constraints required of @Configuration class implementations. If a potential candidate configuration class does not meet these requirements, this method will log a debug message, and the potential candidate class will be ignored.

        declaringClass - the test class that declared @ContextConfiguration
        an array of default configuration classes, potentially empty but never null