Class MockMvcBuilders

  • java.lang.Object
    • org.springframework.test.web.servlet.setup.MockMvcBuilders
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      • standaloneSetup

        public static StandaloneMockMvcBuilder standaloneSetup(java.lang.Object... controllers)
        Build a MockMvc instance by registering one or more @Controller instances and configuring Spring MVC infrastructure programmatically.

        This allows full control over the instantiation and initialization of controllers and their dependencies, similar to plain unit tests while also making it possible to test one controller at a time.

        When this builder is used, the minimum infrastructure required by the DispatcherServlet to serve requests with annotated controllers is created automatically and can be customized, resulting in configuration that is equivalent to what MVC Java configuration provides except using builder-style methods.

        If the Spring MVC configuration of an application is relatively straight-forward — for example, when using the MVC namespace in XML or MVC Java config — then using this builder might be a good option for testing a majority of controllers. In such cases, a much smaller number of tests can be used to focus on testing and verifying the actual Spring MVC configuration.

        controllers - one or more @Controller instances to test (specified Class will be turned into instance)