Class DelegatingTransactionAttribute

    • Constructor Detail

      • DelegatingTransactionAttribute

        public DelegatingTransactionAttribute(TransactionAttribute targetAttribute)
        Create a DelegatingTransactionAttribute for the given target attribute.
        targetAttribute - the target TransactionAttribute to delegate to
    • Method Detail

      • getQualifier

        public java.lang.String getQualifier()
        Description copied from interface: TransactionAttribute
        Return a qualifier value associated with this transaction attribute.

        This may be used for choosing a corresponding transaction manager to process this specific transaction.

        Specified by:
        getQualifier in interface TransactionAttribute
      • rollbackOn

        public boolean rollbackOn(java.lang.Throwable ex)
        Description copied from interface: TransactionAttribute
        Should we roll back on the given exception?
        Specified by:
        rollbackOn in interface TransactionAttribute
        ex - the exception to evaluate
        whether to perform a rollback or not