Class MethodValidationPostProcessor

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      • MethodValidationPostProcessor

        public MethodValidationPostProcessor()
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      • setValidatedAnnotationType

        public void setValidatedAnnotationType(java.lang.Class<? extends java.lang.annotation.Annotation> validatedAnnotationType)
        Set the 'validated' annotation type. The default validated annotation type is the Validated annotation.

        This setter property exists so that developers can provide their own (non-Spring-specific) annotation type to indicate that a class is supposed to be validated in the sense of applying method validation.

        validatedAnnotationType - the desired annotation type
      • setValidator

        public void setValidator(Validator validator)
        Set the JSR-303 Validator to delegate to for validating methods.

        Default is the default ValidatorFactory's default Validator.

      • setValidatorFactory

        public void setValidatorFactory(ValidatorFactory validatorFactory)
        Set the JSR-303 ValidatorFactory to delegate to for validating methods, using its default Validator.

        Default is the default ValidatorFactory's default Validator.

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      • afterPropertiesSet

        public void afterPropertiesSet()
        Description copied from interface: InitializingBean
        Invoked by the containing BeanFactory after it has set all bean properties and satisfied BeanFactoryAware, ApplicationContextAware etc.

        This method allows the bean instance to perform validation of its overall configuration and final initialization when all bean properties have been set.

        Specified by:
        afterPropertiesSet in interface InitializingBean
      • createMethodValidationAdvice

        protected Advice createMethodValidationAdvice(@Nullable
                                                      Validator validator)
        Create AOP advice for method validation purposes, to be applied with a pointcut for the specified 'validated' annotation.
        validator - the JSR-303 Validator to delegate to
        the interceptor to use (typically, but not necessarily, a MethodValidationInterceptor or subclass thereof)