Class DelegatingNavigationHandlerProxy

  • public class DelegatingNavigationHandlerProxy
    extends NavigationHandler
    JSF NavigationHandler implementation that delegates to a NavigationHandler bean obtained from the Spring root WebApplicationContext.

    Configure this handler proxy in your faces-config.xml file as follows:

    By default, the Spring ApplicationContext will be searched for the NavigationHandler under the bean name "jsfNavigationHandler". In the simplest case, this is a plain Spring bean definition like the following. However, all of Spring's bean configuration power can be applied to such a bean, in particular all flavors of dependency injection.
     <bean name="jsfNavigationHandler" class="mypackage.MyNavigationHandler">
       <property name="myProperty" ref="myOtherBean"/>
    The target NavigationHandler bean will typically extend the standard JSF NavigationHandler class. However, note that decorating the original NavigationHandler (the JSF provider's default handler) is not supported in such a scenario, since we can't inject the original handler in standard JSF style (that is, as constructor argument).

    For decorating the original NavigationHandler, make sure that your target bean extends Spring's DecoratingNavigationHandler class. This allows to pass in the original handler as method argument, which this proxy automatically detects. Note that a DecoratingNavigationHandler subclass will still work as standard JSF NavigationHandler as well!

    This proxy may be subclassed to change the bean name used to search for the navigation handler, change the strategy used to obtain the target handler, or change the strategy used to access the ApplicationContext (normally obtained via FacesContextUtils.getWebApplicationContext(FacesContext)).

    Juergen Hoeller, Colin Sampaleanu
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    • Field Detail


        public static final java.lang.String DEFAULT_TARGET_BEAN_NAME
        Default name of the target bean in the Spring application context: "jsfNavigationHandler".
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    • Constructor Detail

      • DelegatingNavigationHandlerProxy

        public DelegatingNavigationHandlerProxy()
        Create a new DelegatingNavigationHandlerProxy.
      • DelegatingNavigationHandlerProxy

        public DelegatingNavigationHandlerProxy(NavigationHandler originalNavigationHandler)
        Create a new DelegatingNavigationHandlerProxy.
        originalNavigationHandler - the original NavigationHandler
    • Method Detail

      • handleNavigation

        public void handleNavigation(FacesContext facesContext,
                                     java.lang.String fromAction,
                                     java.lang.String outcome)
        Handle the navigation request implied by the specified parameters, through delegating to the target bean in the Spring application context.

        The target bean needs to extend the JSF NavigationHandler class. If it extends Spring's DecoratingNavigationHandler, the overloaded handleNavigation method with the original NavigationHandler as argument will be used. Else, the standard handleNavigation method will be called.

        Specified by:
        handleNavigation in class NavigationHandler
      • getTargetBeanName

        protected java.lang.String getTargetBeanName(FacesContext facesContext)
        Return the name of the target NavigationHandler bean in the BeanFactory. Default is "jsfNavigationHandler".
        facesContext - the current JSF context
        the name of the target bean
      • getBeanFactory

        protected BeanFactory getBeanFactory(FacesContext facesContext)
        Retrieve the Spring BeanFactory to delegate bean name resolution to.

        Default implementation delegates to getWebApplicationContext. Can be overridden to provide an arbitrary BeanFactory reference to resolve against; usually, this will be a full Spring ApplicationContext.

        facesContext - the current JSF context
        the Spring BeanFactory (never null)
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