Interface AsyncHandlerMethodReturnValueHandler

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    public interface AsyncHandlerMethodReturnValueHandler
    extends HandlerMethodReturnValueHandler
    A return value handler that supports async types. Such return value types need to be handled with priority so the async value can be "unwrapped".

    Note: implementing this contract is not required but it should be implemented when the handler needs to be prioritized ahead of others. For example custom (async) handlers, by default ordered after built-in handlers, should take precedence over @ResponseBody or @ModelAttribute handling, which should occur once the async value is ready. By contrast, built-in (async) handlers are already ordered ahead of sync handlers.

    Rossen Stoyanchev
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      • isAsyncReturnValue

        boolean isAsyncReturnValue(@Nullable
                                   java.lang.Object returnValue,
                                   MethodParameter returnType)
        Whether the given return value represents asynchronous computation.
        returnValue - the return value
        returnType - the return type
        true if the return value is asynchronous