Class AppCacheManifestTransformer

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    public class AppCacheManifestTransformer
    extends ResourceTransformerSupport
    A ResourceTransformer HTML5 AppCache manifests.

    This transformer:

    • modifies links to match the public URL paths that should be exposed to clients, using configured ResourceResolver strategies
    • appends a comment in the manifest, containing a Hash (e.g. "# Hash: 9de0f09ed7caf84e885f1f0f11c7e326"), thus changing the content of the manifest in order to trigger an appcache reload in the browser.

    All files with an ".appcache" file extension (or the extension given to the constructor) will be transformed by this class. The hash is computed using the content of the appcache manifest so that changes in the manifest should invalidate the browser cache. This should also work with changes in referenced resources whose links are also versioned.

    Rossen Stoyanchev, Brian Clozel
    See Also:
    HTML5 offline applications spec
    • Constructor Detail

      • AppCacheManifestTransformer

        public AppCacheManifestTransformer()
        Create an AppCacheResourceTransformer that transforms files with extension ".appcache".
      • AppCacheManifestTransformer

        public AppCacheManifestTransformer(java.lang.String fileExtension)
        Create an AppCacheResourceTransformer that transforms files with the extension given as a parameter.
    • Method Detail

      • transform

        public reactor.core.publisher.Mono<Resource> transform(ServerWebExchange exchange,
                                                               Resource inputResource,
                                                               ResourceTransformerChain chain)
        Description copied from interface: ResourceTransformer
        Transform the given resource.
        exchange - the current exchange
        inputResource - the resource to transform
        chain - the chain of remaining transformers to delegate to
        the transformed resource (never empty)