Interface LocaleContextResolver

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    AcceptHeaderLocaleContextResolver, FixedLocaleContextResolver

    public interface LocaleContextResolver
    Interface for web-based locale context resolution strategies that allows for both locale context resolution via the request and locale context modification via the HTTP exchange.

    The LocaleContext object can potentially includes associated time zone and other locale related information.

    Sebastien Deleuze
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      • resolveLocaleContext

        LocaleContext resolveLocaleContext(ServerWebExchange exchange)
        Resolve the current locale context via the given exchange.

        The returned context may be a TimeZoneAwareLocaleContext, containing a locale with associated time zone information. Simply apply an instanceof check and downcast accordingly.

        Custom resolver implementations may also return extra settings in the returned context, which again can be accessed through downcasting.

        exchange - current server exchange
        the current locale context (never null)
      • setLocaleContext

        void setLocaleContext(ServerWebExchange exchange,
                              LocaleContext localeContext)
        Set the current locale context to the given one, potentially including a locale with associated time zone information.
        exchange - current server exchange
        localeContext - the new locale context, or null to clear the locale
        java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException - if the LocaleResolver implementation does not support dynamic changing of the locale or time zone
        See Also:
        SimpleLocaleContext, SimpleTimeZoneAwareLocaleContext