Class RequestMethodsRequestCondition

    • Constructor Detail

      • RequestMethodsRequestCondition

        public RequestMethodsRequestCondition(RequestMethod... requestMethods)
        Create a new instance with the given request methods.
        requestMethods - 0 or more HTTP request methods; if, 0 the condition will match to every request
    • Method Detail

      • combine

        public RequestMethodsRequestCondition combine(RequestMethodsRequestCondition other)
        Returns a new instance with a union of the HTTP request methods from "this" and the "other" instance.
        other - the condition to combine with.
        a request condition instance that is the result of combining the two condition instances.
      • getMatchingCondition

        public RequestMethodsRequestCondition getMatchingCondition(HttpServletRequest request)
        Check if any of the HTTP request methods match the given request and return an instance that contains the matching HTTP request method only.
        request - the current request
        the same instance if the condition is empty (unless the request method is HTTP OPTIONS), a new condition with the matched request method, or null if there is no match or the condition is empty and the request method is OPTIONS.
      • compareTo

        public int compareTo(RequestMethodsRequestCondition other,
                             HttpServletRequest request)
        • 0 if the two conditions contain the same number of HTTP request methods
        • Less than 0 if "this" instance has an HTTP request method but "other" doesn't
        • Greater than 0 "other" has an HTTP request method but "this" doesn't

        It is assumed that both instances have been obtained via getMatchingCondition(HttpServletRequest) and therefore each instance contains the matching HTTP request method only or is otherwise empty.