Interface RequestUpgradeStrategy

    • Method Detail

      • getSupportedVersions

        java.lang.String[] getSupportedVersions()
        Return the supported WebSocket protocol versions.
      • getSupportedExtensions

        java.util.List<WebSocketExtension> getSupportedExtensions(ServerHttpRequest request)
        Return the WebSocket protocol extensions supported by the underlying WebSocket server.
      • upgrade

        void upgrade(ServerHttpRequest request,
                     ServerHttpResponse response,
                     java.lang.String selectedProtocol,
                     java.util.List<WebSocketExtension> selectedExtensions,
                     WebSocketHandler wsHandler,
                     java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.Object> attributes)
              throws HandshakeFailureException
        Perform runtime specific steps to complete the upgrade. Invoked after successful negotiation of the handshake request.
        request - the current request
        response - the current response
        selectedProtocol - the selected sub-protocol, if any
        selectedExtensions - the selected WebSocket protocol extensions
        user - the user to associate with the WebSocket session
        wsHandler - the handler for WebSocket messages
        attributes - handshake request specific attributes to be set on the WebSocket session via HandshakeInterceptor and thus made available to the WebSocketHandler
        HandshakeFailureException - thrown when handshake processing failed to complete due to an internal, unrecoverable error, i.e. a server error as opposed to a failure to successfully negotiate the requirements of the handshake request.