Class MappedDocument

  • public class MappedDocument
    extends Object
    A MongoDB document in its mapped state. I.e. after a source document has been mapped using mapping information of the entity the source document was supposed to represent.
    Oliver Gierke
    • Method Detail

      • getIdOnlyProjection

        public static org.bson.Document getIdOnlyProjection()
      • getIdIn

        public static org.bson.Document getIdIn(Collection<?> ids)
      • hasId

        public boolean hasId()
      • hasNonNullId

        public boolean hasNonNullId()
      • getId

        public Object getId()
      • getId

        public <T> T getId(Class<T> type)
      • isIdPresent

        public boolean isIdPresent(Class<?> type)
      • getIdFilter

        public org.bson.conversions.Bson getIdFilter()
      • updateWithoutId

        public Update updateWithoutId()
      • getDocument

        public org.bson.Document getDocument()