Interface ReactiveRemoveOperation.TerminatingRemove<T>

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      reactor.core.publisher.Mono<com.mongodb.client.result.DeleteResult> all()
      Remove all documents matching.
      reactor.core.publisher.Flux<T> findAndRemove()
      Remove and return all matching documents.
    • Method Detail

      • all

        reactor.core.publisher.Mono<com.mongodb.client.result.DeleteResult> all()
        Remove all documents matching.
        Mono emitting the DeleteResult. Never null.
      • findAndRemove

        reactor.core.publisher.Flux<T> findAndRemove()
        Remove and return all matching documents.
        NOTE The entire list of documents will be fetched before sending the actual delete commands. Also, ApplicationEvents will be published for each and every delete operation.
        empty Flux if no match found. Never null.