Siebel Administration >  How to change SADMIN password

Password change for SADMIN

1) Change security adapter password in GUI
Administration - Server Configuration -> Enterprises -> Profile Configuration -> LDAP Security Adapter -> Shared DB Password
2) stop all siebel servers(leave gateway running)
3) start srvrmgr and run this cmd with new paswd for SADMIN - "change enterprise parameter Password=xxxxxx"
4) change in DB
5) backup file in sys folder. If your unix server is called kr234 <root path>/siebsrvr/sys/svc.siebsrvr.TRA:kr234

6) siebctl -r <root path>/siebsrvr -S siebsrvr -i TRA:kr234 -a -g "-g serverip:2320 -e TRA -s kr234 -u sadmin" -e xxxxxx -L ENU
7) restart gateway
8) start servers