Siebel Administration >  Error while exporting data in Siebel

There is an 'Export Data' button in Siebel in several views.
This can be disabled in Tools. In many screens however it will be there.

Sometimes export does not work or we get less data than the total number of rows displayed.
During the export process, Siebel pulls out data in chunks of 1000 records.
Siebel keeps that data in some temporary space and then retrieves the next 1000 records.
This is how Siebel works. In case this hangs, it could be a problem with Temporary Internet files space

To solve this error go to : "IE -> Tools Menu -> Internet Options -> General Tab -> Settings".
Check for the size of "Temporary Internet Files Folder" .
The recommendation is 640 MB, you can increase it to a larger value if you need.
This should solve some of the errors while exporting data.