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Change SADMIN and Siebel passwords in Siebel with UNIX

1. In SQL developer or another Database SQL prompt, run these commands. You can change Siebel password logged in as Siebel, and sadmin password logged in as sadmin. Or you could login as system administrator. I am using Oracle

ALTER USER siebel IDENTIFIED BY "new_password"  REPLACE "old_password";


ALTER USER sadmin IDENTIFIED BY "new_password"  REPLACE "old_password";


2. We now need to change SADMIN and SIEBEL passwords in Siebel application

precondition : Siebel server should be in stopped state, gateway should be running. Log into Siebel Server  as siebel.


siebel@siebelserver:/services/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr/bin> stop_server -r /services/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr -e SBL SBL_SS_1 

or stop_server ALL3.

log into servermanager
./srvrmgr -g sbl_gatewaysrvr:2320 -u SADMIN -p new_password -e SBL

change enterprise parameter Password=newpassword  (new sadmin password)

change enterprise parameter TableOwnPass=9nw4Ylae7x  (new Siebel password)

list enterprise parameter TableOwnPass show PA_SETLEVEL

this value should not be 'Never set'. It was 0 after change.
Sometimes it stays ‘Never set’. In that case , just do the rest of the checks to confirm that there are no errors.

4. remove, move or rename this file in  /services/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr/syssvc.siebsrvr.SBL:SBL_SS_1

siebel@siebelserver:/services/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr> . ./

siebel@siebelserver:/services/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr> cd sys

siebel@siebelserver:/services/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr/sys> mv svc.siebsrvr.SBL:SBL_SS_1 svc.siebsrvr.frank.22Juni.2018

siebctl -r /services/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr -S siebsrvr -i SBL:SBL_SS_1 -a -g "-g gatewayservername:2320 -e SBL -s SBL_SS_1 -u sadmin" -e nova_sadmin_kennwort -L ENU

5. Now we need to restart gateway.

siebel@siebelserver:/services/siebel/8.1/gtwysrvr> . ./

siebel@siebelserver:/services/siebel/8.1/gtwysrvr> cd bin

siebel@siebelserver:/services/siebel/8.1/gtwysrvr/bin> stop_ns

stopped at Fri Mar 29 11:05:20 2018

siebel@siebelserver:/services/siebel/8.1/gtwysrvr/bin> list_ns

stopped at Fri Mar 29 11:05:20 2018, autostart: no

siebel@siebelserver:/services/siebel/8.1/gtwysrvr/bin> start_ns

started at Fri Mar 29 11:05:35 2018, pid: 13886, autostart: no

6. Start Siebel serverLog in to Solaris server  as siebel

siebel@siebelserver:/services/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr>. ./ 

siebel@siebelserver:/services/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr/bin> start_server -r /services/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr -e SBL SBL_SS_1 

or start_server ALL

7. After startup, check if you can log into Siebel Web URL, with your normal Siebel Login

Also check in sql developer if you can log in as sadmin and Siebel.

Delete osdf file if password change does not work. osdf file is in siebsrvr/sys directory.