Siebel Administration >  The Synch Manager component on the server is most likely unavailable

Cannot open connection to SiebelServer_Test1. The Synch Manager component on the server is most likely unavailable.

The connection was refused by server SiebelServer_Test1. No component is listening on port 40400.

S_APPL_WT_IT_RX_P1 would not be unique




I checked the Synchronization Manager component Definition. This was running without errors

You can see that in Administration - Server-Configuration -> Enterprise -> Componentdefinitions

Search for 'Synchronization Manager'.

The Column Status should be Active.

Or from Server Manager , you can type this

srvrmgr> list compdef SynchMgr show CC_NAME, CC_ALIAS, CC_DISP_ENABLE_ST

CC_NAME                              CC_ALIAS                CC_DISP_ENABLE_ST
------------------------------     -----------------        ----------------------------- 
Synchronization Manager            SynchMgr                    Active

1 row returned.

Then I checked the Port Number for Synchronization Manager.

You can see this in the same screen i.e. Administration - Server-Configuration ->

Enterprise -> Componentdefinitions -> Component Parameters (below left).


Select Advanced Button and search for 'Port Number'


Or from Server Manager

srvrmgr> list advanced param PortNumber for compdef SynchMgr server SiebelServer_Test1

PA_ALIAS                      PA_VALUE
---------------------     ------------------
PortNumber                         0

I got a value 0 (Zero).

The solution is to change the Port Number to 40400 (the default) and restart the Siebel Server.

After that try to download the Local Database again, it should work.

srvrmgr> change param PortNumber=40400 for compdef SynchMgr server SiebelServer_Test1

Sometimes the Port number may not be 0 , but something else like 41000.

Then you should try to change your siebel tools configuration file.

In the [Local] section of the Configuration file, change the DockConnString parameter.

e.g. make it

DockConnString =SiebelServer_Test1:41000

And try to download again.