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This tool is installed by default during installation and is a great tool to check your system.
It checks 4 things
1. Siebel Environment settings
2. UNIX patches that are critical and missing
3. Network settings
4. Operating system checks

This should be run regularly, every 2 or 3 months. We need to run this on every server.

How to run it:

We need to run it for the siebel server, the gatewayserver and the web server.

1. For the siebel server go to the siebsrvr directory, load the variable and then we should run it from the siebsrvr/bin directory.
cd /app_folder/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr
. ./
evt -g -e SIEBELSRVRNAME -u sadmin -f /app_folder/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr/bin/evt.ini -t SIEBSRVR -d SHOWCOMMENTS -o HTMLFILE -l .

2. For the gateway server, go to the gateway server ropot directory, load the variable and run it from the gateway server bin directory.
cd /app_folder/siebel/8.1/gtwysrvr/
. ./
evt -g -e SIEBELSRVRNAME -u sadmin -f /app_folder/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr/bin/evt.ini -t GTWYNS -d SHOWCOMMENTS -o HTMLFILE -l .

3. for the webserver, the command would be like
cd /app_folder/javaweb/sweapp/bin
evt -g -e SIEBELSRVRNAME -u sadmin -f /app_folder/siebel/8.1/siebsrvr/bin/evt.ini -t SIEBSRVR -d SHOWCOMMENTS -o HTMLFILE -l .

The full stop at the end is necessary, this means the output html file will be in the same folder. You can change it to another folder that is accessible.

The output file will look like this

There will be a red, orange and green section. There were some red results in our patch section which turned out to be fake.
e.g. the evt result said 117461-08 needs to be installed.
The solaris patch information section can be found here
And search for the patch number 117461-08

It turned out that this patch was obsoleted several times over. Check the picture below

And finally we found that the correct patch is actually 118833-36
And then we had to check if this patch existed in the server. This can be done from a batch prompt by
showrev -p |grep "Patch: 118833-36"
If the patch exists, you will get a big output. If it does not exist, you will get no results.

All the siebel parameters declared at the UNIX level were analyzed. If they are declared in Siebel (e.g. from the GUI),
EVT does not check those.

There were also warnings and errors about TCP settings and oprating system settings. Even though the output file tells you
what the correct values should be with an explanation, do not change them unless you know what you are doing.