Siebel Administration >  Cannot activate task "WF NAME' version [4]. Make sure it has 'Completed' status. (SBL-BPR-00501)

Cannot activate task "WF NAME' version [4]. Make sure it has 'Completed' status. (SBL-BPR-00501)

Siebel Workflow - Version 17.6 [IP2017] and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.



SIEBEL VERSION: Siebel 17.6 [IP2017]
SIEBEL APP O/S: Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)


When there are multiple versions of a workflow process in IP17 Siebel Tools (3 versions in this particular issue), and modify its latest version, delivering the workflow process then generates generates and error.

Furthermore, when trying to publish and activate the workflow process from Siebel Tools, it generates another error.


a. The error that occurs when trying to deliver the workflow process is the following:

The deliver failed with error:
The same values for '<?>' already exist.

If you would like to enter a new record, please ensure that the field
values are unique (SBL-DAT-00382)

b. The error that occurs when trying to publish and activate the workflow process is the following:

Cannot activate task "DAV_Insert Online Transaction SR WF' version [4]. Make sure it has 'Completed' status. (SBL-BPR-00501)

The behaviour occurs as follows:

1. Create a workflow process with multiple version numbers (this usually occurs when the workflow process had multiple versions from a lower Siebel version and then the environment is upgraded to latest IP17 version).

2. For the workflow process with multiple version, choose the highest version number and edit it, make some change to it, then try to deliver it to the IP17 workspace.

3. The reported error then occurs at the workflow process delivery to the workspace.

4. Then, for the same workflow process record, try to publish it from Siebel Tools and the reported error occurs when doing the workflow publishing and activation.

Since the modified workflow process cannot be deliverd to the workspace due to the error, the workflow process cannot be used in the environment.


The cause of the error message during the Publishing of the workflow process was due to wrong/opposite sequence performed for publishing and delivering the workflow process.

The error occurred when delivering the workflow process to the workspace and then publishing it after delivery. However, the correct sequence should be to first Publish the workflow process and then followed by Deliver the workflow process to the workspace. ODM Cause Justification


By first Publishing the workflow process and then delivering the workflow process to the workspace afterwards, the error no longer occurs. Please refer to the correct sequence of steps as outlined in the Siebel Bookshelf documentation:

Siebel Bookshelf > Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide > Overview of Siebel Workflow > About Siebel Workflow > Siebel Workflows on Workspaces

A Workspace provides users with a way to manage configurations of repository artifacts in Siebel Tools. Workspaces allow multiple developers to work on the same repository objects in the Siebel database.

A workspace provides a user with a sandbox for editing, compiling configuration changes until these changes are ready to be delivered into the main workspace. A workspace ensures isolation from other users making changes to either the same objects or other objects in the application.

Refer to Using Siebel Tools for more information on Workspaces.

Workflow on Workspaces

Workflows are one such object on workspaces that must be managed only from a workspace. You can perform all activities on workflows, such as, create a new workflow process, modify an existing workflow process, import or export a workflow process and so on. A workflow process is tracked through workspace.

To work on a workflow process:

1. Create a workflow process record in a developer workspace under the parent or integration workspace.

2. Make changes to the workflow process and when you complete making changes, click Publish.

The status of the workflow process is set to Completed. The workflow is ready for delivery and activation.

3. Submit the workflow for delivery. The status of the workspace changes and makes it ready for delivering the changes to the parent workspace.

4. Deliver the workflow to merge the workflow changes with the parent workspace (Main/ Integration workspace).

5. Activate the workflow using the Publish/Activate button on the WF/Task Editor tool bar. Activation of the workflow deploys the workflow, making the workflow available for use in the application.

NOTE: The Publish/Activate button is enabled for activation only to the parent workspace owner. Although Workspaces enable multiple developers to concurrently modify and deliver Workflows, there can be only one version of a Workflow active in the Siebel database at any time.