40. Spring Integration

Spring Boot offers several conveniences for working with Spring Integration, including the spring-boot-starter-integration “Starter”. Spring Integration provides abstractions over messaging and also other transports such as HTTP, TCP, and others. If Spring Integration is available on your classpath, it is initialized through the @EnableIntegration annotation.

Spring Boot also configures some features that are triggered by the presence of additional Spring Integration modules. If spring-integration-jmx is also on the classpath, message processing statistics are published over JMX . If spring-integration-jdbc is available, the default database schema can be created on startup, as shown in the following line:


See the IntegrationAutoConfiguration and IntegrationProperties classes for more details.

By default, if a Micrometer meterRegistry bean is present, Spring Integration metrics will be managed by Micrometer. If you wish to use legacy Spring Integration metrics, add a DefaultMetricsFactory bean to the application context.