41. Spring Session

Spring Boot provides Spring Session auto-configuration for a wide range of data stores. When building a Servlet web application, the following stores can be auto-configured:

  • JDBC
  • Redis
  • Hazelcast
  • MongoDB

When building a reactive web application, the following stores can be auto-configured:

  • Redis
  • MongoDB

If a single Spring Session module is present on the classpath, Spring Boot uses that store implementation automatically. If you have more than one implementation, you must choose the StoreType that you wish to use to store the sessions. For instance, to use JDBC as the back-end store, you can configure your application as follows:


You can disable Spring Session by setting the store-type to none.

Each store has specific additional settings. For instance, it is possible to customize the name of the table for the JDBC store, as shown in the following example:


For setting the timeout of the session you can use the spring.session.timeout property. If that property is not set, the auto-configuration falls back to the value of server.servlet.session.timeout.