Interface ApplicationArguments

    • Method Detail

      • getSourceArgs

        String[] getSourceArgs()
        Return the raw unprocessed arguments that were passed to the application.
        the arguments
      • getOptionNames

        Set<String> getOptionNames()
        Return the names of all option arguments. For example, if the arguments were "--foo=bar --debug" would return the values ["foo", "debug"].
        the option names or an empty set
      • containsOption

        boolean containsOption(String name)
        Return whether the set of option arguments parsed from the arguments contains an option with the given name.
        name - the name to check
        true if the arguments contain an option with the given name
      • getOptionValues

        List<String> getOptionValues(String name)
        Return the collection of values associated with the arguments option having the given name.
        • if the option is present and has no argument (e.g.: "--foo"), return an empty collection ([])
        • if the option is present and has a single value (e.g. "--foo=bar"), return a collection having one element (["bar"])
        • if the option is present and has multiple values (e.g. "--foo=bar --foo=baz"), return a collection having elements for each value (["bar", "baz"])
        • if the option is not present, return null
        name - the name of the option
        a list of option values for the given name
      • getNonOptionArgs

        List<String> getNonOptionArgs()
        Return the collection of non-option arguments parsed.
        the non-option arguments or an empty list