Class MultipartProperties

  • java.lang.Object
    • org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.web.servlet.MultipartProperties

  • @ConfigurationProperties(prefix="spring.servlet.multipart",
    public class MultipartProperties
    extends Object
    Properties to be used in configuring a MultipartConfigElement.
    • location specifies the directory where uploaded files will be stored. When not specified, a temporary directory will be used.
    • max-file-size specifies the maximum size permitted for uploaded files. The default is 1MB
    • max-request-size specifies the maximum size allowed for multipart/form-data requests. The default is 10MB.
    • file-size-threshold specifies the size threshold after which files will be written to disk. The default is 0.

    These properties are ultimately passed to MultipartConfigFactory which means you may specify numeric values using long values or using more readable String variants that accept KB or MB suffixes.

    Josh Long, Toshiaki Maki
    • Constructor Detail

      • MultipartProperties

        public MultipartProperties()
    • Method Detail

      • getEnabled

        public boolean getEnabled()
      • setEnabled

        public void setEnabled(boolean enabled)
      • getLocation

        public String getLocation()
      • setLocation

        public void setLocation(String location)
      • getMaxFileSize

        public String getMaxFileSize()
      • setMaxFileSize

        public void setMaxFileSize(String maxFileSize)
      • getMaxRequestSize

        public String getMaxRequestSize()
      • setMaxRequestSize

        public void setMaxRequestSize(String maxRequestSize)
      • getFileSizeThreshold

        public String getFileSizeThreshold()
      • setFileSizeThreshold

        public void setFileSizeThreshold(String fileSizeThreshold)
      • isResolveLazily

        public boolean isResolveLazily()
      • setResolveLazily

        public void setResolveLazily(boolean resolveLazily)