Class SourceOptions

  • public class SourceOptions
    extends Object
    Extract source file options (anything following '--' in an OptionSet).
    Phillip Webb, Dave Syer, Greg Turnquist, Andy Wilkinson
    • Constructor Detail

      • SourceOptions

        public SourceOptions(joptsimple.OptionSet options)
        Create a new SourceOptions instance.
        options - the source option set
      • SourceOptions

        public SourceOptions(List<?> arguments)
        Create a new SourceOptions instance.
        arguments - the source arguments
      • SourceOptions

        public SourceOptions(joptsimple.OptionSet optionSet,
                             ClassLoader classLoader)
        Create a new SourceOptions instance. If it is an error to pass options that specify non-existent sources, but the default paths are allowed not to exist (the paths are tested before use). If default paths are provided and the option set contains no source file arguments it is not an error even if none of the default paths exist).
        optionSet - the source option set
        classLoader - an optional classloader used to try and load files that are not found in the local filesystem
    • Method Detail

      • getArgs

        public List<?> getArgs()
      • getArgsArray

        public String[] getArgsArray()
      • getSourcesArray

        public String[] getSourcesArray()