Class ConfigFileApplicationListener

  • java.lang.Object
    • org.springframework.boot.context.config.ConfigFileApplicationListener
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        public static final String ACTIVE_PROFILES_PROPERTY
        The "active profiles" property name.
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        public static final String INCLUDE_PROFILES_PROPERTY
        The "includes profiles" property name.
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        public static final String CONFIG_NAME_PROPERTY
        The "config name" property name.
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        public static final String CONFIG_LOCATION_PROPERTY
        The "config location" property name.
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        public static final String CONFIG_ADDITIONAL_LOCATION_PROPERTY
        The "config additional location" property name.
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        public static final int DEFAULT_ORDER
        The default order for the processor.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfigFileApplicationListener

        public ConfigFileApplicationListener()
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      • addPostProcessors

        protected void addPostProcessors(ConfigurableApplicationContext context)
        Add appropriate post-processors to post-configure the property-sources.
        context - the context to configure
      • setOrder

        public void setOrder(int order)
      • getOrder

        public int getOrder()
        Specified by:
        getOrder in interface Ordered
      • setSearchLocations

        public void setSearchLocations(String locations)
        Set the search locations that will be considered as a comma-separated list. Each search location should be a directory path (ending in "/") and it will be prefixed by the file names constructed from search names and profiles (if any) plus file extensions supported by the properties loaders. Locations are considered in the order specified, with later items taking precedence (like a map merge).
        locations - the search locations
      • setSearchNames

        public void setSearchNames(String names)
        Sets the names of the files that should be loaded (excluding file extension) as a comma-separated list.
        names - the names to load