Class ValidationBindHandler

    • Constructor Detail

      • ValidationBindHandler

        public ValidationBindHandler(Validator... validators)
      • ValidationBindHandler

        public ValidationBindHandler(BindHandler parent,
                                     Validator... validators)
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      • onSuccess

        public Object onSuccess(ConfigurationPropertyName name,
                                Bindable<?> target,
                                BindContext context,
                                Object result)
        Description copied from interface: BindHandler
        Called when binding of an element ends with a successful result. Implementations may change the ultimately returned result or perform addition validation.
        Specified by:
        onSuccess in interface BindHandler
        onSuccess in class AbstractBindHandler
        name - the name of the element being bound
        target - the item being bound
        context - the bind context
        result - the bound result (never null)
        the actual result that should be used (may be null)