Class ConfigurationPropertyName

  • java.lang.Object
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    public final class ConfigurationPropertyName
    extends Object
    implements Comparable<ConfigurationPropertyName>
    A configuration property name composed of elements separated by dots. User created names may contain the characters "a-z" "0-9") and "-", they must be lower-case and must start with an alpha-numeric character. The "-" is used purely for formatting, i.e. "foo-bar" and "foobar" are considered equivalent.

    The "[" and "]" characters may be used to indicate an associative index(i.e. a Map key or a Collection index. Indexes names are not restricted and are considered case-sensitive.

    Here are some typical examples:

    • spring.main.banner-mode
    • server.hosts[0].name
    • log[org.springboot].level
    Phillip Webb, Madhura Bhave
    See Also:
    of(CharSequence), ConfigurationPropertySource