Class FileUtils

  • public abstract class FileUtils
    extends Object
    Utilities for manipulating files and directories in Spring Boot tooling.
    Dave Syer, Phillip Webb
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      • FileUtils

        public FileUtils()
    • Method Detail

      • removeDuplicatesFromOutputDirectory

        public static void removeDuplicatesFromOutputDirectory(File outputDirectory,
                                                               File originDirectory)
        Utility to remove duplicate files from an "output" directory if they already exist in an "origin". Recursively scans the origin directory looking for files (not directories) that exist in both places and deleting the copy.
        outputDirectory - the output directory
        originDirectory - the origin directory
      • sha1Hash

        public static String sha1Hash(File file)
                               throws IOException
        Generate a SHA.1 Hash for a given file.
        file - the file to hash
        the hash value as a String
        IOException - if the file cannot be read